Quality Policy

It is our endeavor to produce engineering fabrication and earth moving product matching world class standard to win maximum customer acceptance. Our customers repose their faith in us because of our unrelenting, tireless focus on meeting commitments without compromising on quality. Process and self inspection are integral parts of our manufacturing process. We attempt to reduce deviations by intensive training and error proofing our processes wherever possible. Apex is awarded with various certifications. The prominent ones being – ISO 9001, 14001, ISO 3834 and EN 1508-2.
To be a global leader in steel fabrication with a turnover of over US$ 100 Million by 2024.

To provide our OEM customers with top quality structures and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in our industry by continuous investments in process & technology and a strong motivated team that takes pride in its work and the organization.

Integrity, Commitment, Oneness

Apex has witnessed exponential growth since its inception in 1994. The journey was started with a small team and facility in Jamshedpur dedicated to one customer – TATA-Hitachi. Today, Apex boasts of 5 facilities across India catering to the requirements of over 10 major construction equipment giants as well as metro and rail transportation companies like the Indian railways.

Business Strategy
Over the years, Apex has relied on its strong partnerships with OEM customers. It has been a continuous endeavor and commitment to support their growth. Always being a step ahead with investments in assets and manpower is the reason customers have always reposed their faith in our Company and continue to do so.
The business strategy for the future will also focus on capability building and technology improvements. Apex plans to further leverage its fabrication capabilities and presence in different locations of the country by entering the sectors of defense, aviation and power.
Jamshedpure Certifications
Bangalore Certifications
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